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Come Close to God

"Come close to God, and God will come close to you." James 4:8

To start off I would like to point out two things that I would say define a huge part of who I am - I am a Jesus loving Christ follower and I am a millennial.

These two things do not seem to go together in today's society. You seem to be balked at if you are okay with following a set of moral rules and a code of ethics. And I will be honest - I wasn't always the person that followed the rules or even thought they were necessary. Choosing flesh over the Spirit was easy. No work required. But everything changed when I became pregnant with my son.

Flashback three years ago - I had been baptized, I knew the famous Bible stories, I had even read the entire Bible in college. But something was missing. I didn't KNOW Jesus. I just knew what everyone else had to say about Him!

That realization is what led me to my turning point in my relationship with Jesus and in turn realizing choosing Him over my own flesh was HARD! At the time I didn't realize that it wasn't a one-time thing. I couldn't just choose Jesus once - it would be an everyday thing for the rest of my life. But wow did he show up in a big way! Every day I would wake up with the yearning of finding the right church family for me. The right people to surround myself with to grow closer with Jesus. He ignited my heart to focus on Him! I started slowing down and truly noticing the people around me. They were doing things that suddenly hurt my heart for them. It was like a switch had been flipped in my soul by Jesus. I started rereading The Bible and words started popping out that I never noticed before! I started putting the stories together that I never could understand before that. I started praying daily instead of sporadically. The more and more I chose to say YES to Jesus and NO to the worldly view of things, the closer and closer I got to Him.

Things started falling into place for me - finally! I felt Jesus speaking to me through my prayers each night telling me I just HAD to go to this Fall Festival some church was having. I thought of every excuse not to go (hangry, pregnant lady)! When God has His plans set out for you He takes the steps with you.

I thank Him every day that I met the amazing people of Providence! "Some church" turned out to be MY CHURCH!

Through the past three years Jesus has helped shape me and continues to shape me into the mother, wife, daughter, and friend that I am meant to be. I am beginning to bear the fruit of God's pruning process. He steers my steps as I pray every day for Him to use me as a voice for him in this world that continues to push Him to the side.

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