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Not So Fast – Releasing Strongholds

Week One, Day Three

March 8, 2019


Days one and two encouraged us to empty out the parts of ourselves that don't belong to Christ. Let's agree to stay honest here - that's easier said than done.

In Mark 5:1-20, Jesus and his disciples met a man possessed by thousands of demons. He was in chains and had a habit of screaming out and cutting himself. He was more than a lost cause. The man was so full of darkness that the demons even asked not to be sent out of the man. Jesus cast out the demons and sent them into a herd of pigs.

I'm sure you already realize that you aren't currently living in heaven. This world, in fact, is unevenly split between darkness and light. The enemy wants you to be farther from the image of God - but that's not how God wants you to be. How does He want you to be? Redeemed. In fact, He bought your redemption. He didn't do that just so you could stay in bondage. The funny thing about comfort zones is that we don't mind being uncomfortable in them, as long as we are familiar with the struggle.

One important thing about this story is that even the demons knew who Jesus is and what He can do. Do you know who Jesus is and what He is capable of doing in your life? Have you introduced your situation to Him yet?

Darkness - I'd like you to meet the light

Anger - Let me introduce you to the Prince of Peace

Addiction - Get acquainted with the great Redeemer

Are you comfortable in your prison, or are you ready to be released from those uncomfortable chains? You decide.


Great Redeemer, we bring you our households, our work-space, our friendships. We want your peace. We bring you our addictions. We want sweet release! We bring you our attitudes. Please help us love like you and break down walls. Our problems know you by name! There is wonder-working power in your name. Amen.

When you pray today, remember who bought your redemption. Remember that because He did that for you, for everyone, Heaven's gate swings wide open. Listen to the words of today's recommended song for worship.

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