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What are you Doing Here – Seeking and Saving the Lost

Week Three, Day One


It is week three of our devotional. How are you doing so far? In this time, undoubtedly life has crept in and made things difficult for you. Maybe you started out with a strong excitement and now you're struggling. Or maybe you've been going strong. Either way, we have learned that our walk with Christ is not always going to be easy. But it will always be rewarding.

In week three, we are going to learn more about why Jesus came and the impact that has on us today.

In Luke 19, we read about a chief tax collector named Zacchaeus. He was wealthy and his livelihood as a tax collector was built around taking from those in need in order to add to his ever-growing loot. Jesus was speaking to a crowd, and Zacchaeus wanted to hear from Him, so he climbed up a Sycamore tree to see Jesus. Jesus, knowing he was being sought out, spent that day at the home of Zacchaeus, much to the judgement of the people. But what the people didn't know is the very act of Jesus connecting to this sinner is what changed a habit. Zacchaeus turned from his ways, vowed to repay anyone he stole from, and showed gratitude for the presence of Jesus. 

Luke 19:9-10 "Jesus said to him, today salvation has come to this house...For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost." 

Jesus showed us that He is willing to have relationship. He could have called Zacchaeus down and chosen any other means of teaching or rebuking him. But His method was proximity.

Let's stop there. Jesus, the son of God. Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Jesus, Immanuel - God. With. Us. Our Father in Heaven who is seated at the throne made a personal decision to save us through relationship. And in that process, He literally came to this earth in the most vulnerable way possible.

Has anyone ever made a grander gesture for you? Has anyone else in your life ever chosen you this way? How can we fathom this? Who is He? What is He doing with us? Last, what does this require of us?

We are all our unique brand of lost. Are you ready to learn about why Jesus was here, and why He wanted to find you specifically? You decide.


Immanuel, we are ready to get to know you. We are ready for proximity. Please Lord make your presence known this week as we read through this devotional and continue on with our Lent fast. We adore you, and can't wait for the new breakthroughs that you will bring this week. Amen.

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